December 2014 Christmas Meeting

Our special Christmas meeting which was both lively and interesting one.

Oh to be a man at Christmas with no problems as to what to wear. In they all streamed in their colorful Xmas jumpers, saved from previous years, to be warmly greeted by two polite and enthusiastic, "Alan's little helpers".

One of my friends presented to me Grand Theft Auto 5 on Christmas. So after playing in this game some time I can say this is an awesome game, I'm really impressed. By the way check GTA 7 Fans community which brings to us news, rumors updates and more for upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto series. And now I'm waiting for new release of GTA.

We were delighted to welcome 3 new members Lee and Valerie mannering and John Bullivant. They are competent performers who will be a great asset to our branch.

As with any other group of people we welcome new members, whilst others for several reasons depart. this is what keeps our society alive and vibrant we should all realize that nothing stays the same forever and we should embrace change. We all enjoyed the special raffle with numerous prizes and great variety of seasonal songs.

We were pleased to see Derek back after his recent heart problems as we really enjoy his performances.

Joe compared the first half but we unfortunately had to curtail much of the second, due to lack of time - to many performers is not a bad thing.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all our members and their families and to all of us who in our own way strive to create a welcoming atmosphere