Febuary 2015

John's song, smile all the time was most appropriate for a winter February night as in spite of the warning of an American bomb we did just that.
Our usual regulars did us proud,as did one guest Paul Culkin,who gave us his own rendition of the grandson of Mr Wu and by request his hilarious rendition of I've been invited to a gay wedding. The two female performers were vastly outnumbered by their male colleagues. Come on ladies, we need your help.
Many thanks to Karina for allowing us to enjoy her recent spending spree from which The raffle benefited and to Michael fo both the excellent sound quality and the tasty buffet Yes real men Can do buffets.
Star of the evening was alan who proved his ability to nurse his tiny grandson whilst performing a jig, not an easy task.
A warm welcome to Janet Musgrave, a complete novice who is keen to play an instrument.
Joe, as usual kept the show running and in spite of the awful weather we managed a whole evening of lively entertainment.