JUNE 2015 Meeting

Just for once a warm summer's evening which brought the crowds in. By 730 there was hardly a vacant seat and the stage was full of eager participants to join in with the thrash. Michael proved that he is not quite perfect because in spite of bringing 3 children and all their equipment, audio gear and instruments and the refreshments he forgot the biscuits. Thankfully this error was remedied by Barbara who made us a delicious crumble with cream.

Once again the B.U.G.S. group, or as Joe calls them the B.U.GG.S swelled our numbers. They seem, like insects to multiply with the warm weather and add to our usual formby players. It is obvious from their joyful offerings that playing together is fun, so several of our usual members have decided to emulate their skills and encourage the more hesitant to play together in groups once again the Chenery clan gave us banjo boy. Oh to have moveable hips like josh who added a certain swing. A most successful evening due to the total team effort and Joe's comparing skills. As dot and dad sang if you've got friends and neighbours, the world is a better place that goes for musicians too