Our August 2014 Meeting.

A night of mixed blessings. A typical black bank holiday, but with several caravan visitors to swell our numbers. Alan, as the young ones say was 'buzzing', injecting a mood of happy enthusiasm to both audience and performers. Sadly we missed Joe, who was looking after Margo who has an acute chest infection we all wish her a speedy recovery.

We had several surprise items from our members, including Brian's don't tell a woman!! Not strictly p.c. a newly emerging talent was demonstrated by Josh, Alan's grandson who competently assisted Eric with the raffle, whilst confidently calling out the numbers.

Peter, as usual made us all laugh and concluded our concert at 10pm, our new finishing time a big thank you to everybody who, in their own way made the evening such a success and especially to Barbara for her generosity with her delicious offerings of meringues to add to our refreshment table. Pleased to note that our new meeting times seemed to meet with approval of all our members.

PS and thanks to Jean for the refreshments