November 2014 Meeting

They say that pride comes before a fall and this meeting was most certainly our fall. After 2 action. Packed meetings we had a very Sparse attendance with several key performers missing Despite Alan's Xmas card with the monthly dates.

I am sure that many members. Hadn't realized that the 24th of November was the last Monday in the month.

Fortunately Michael Chenery saved the evening by setting up the audio equipment. As Alan had a family emergency to attend to.
Being Alan he managed to dash back to perform in his use cheery style on a borrowed instrument.
Not to Paint too black a picture as fewer people meant more chance of winning a raffle prize.

We loved Brian's the 12days of Turkey Xmas, Peter's jokes, Barbara's fruit crumble, Joe's comparing skills and Chris and Hazel's hot pies.

All of these helped to ease the evening. Our thoughts go out to Margo who is still suffering from operation complications and to Derek who is now recovering from a heart problem.

I do hope that we don't forget our Christmas Meeting on the 15th December.

Do try to wear some festive gear to keep us in party mood.


Thanks to Jean for organizing the raffle.