Our June 2014 Meeting

The evening was summed up by two of our caravan audience when they were heard to remark "WOW, that was the best bl.....y £3.00 that we have ever spent. The entertainment was FANTASTIC." What more could we ask?

So much fun and so many people to thank. John and Jonny who came at tea time to help set up the audio equipment. Marga for standing in with Eric as the Deputy Raffle Checker and all the performers and dancers. Tonight we had a Line Dancing Duo who moved to an Irish rhythm.Our new Aussie Twosome complete with corked hats gave us the wistful melody of a Pub with no beer and we all enjoyed many famous Formby songs.

Lovely to see Alan who was delighted to introduce his new companion Zeke, a vibrant member who was very quiet and obedient.

Hazel and Chris had toiled, on an extremely hot day to provide excellent refreshments and even though it looked doubtful, because of large numbers, we managed to feed everyone.

The audience departed at 10:30 still chuckling at Peter's jokes. All in all a bl..dy good £3.00 worth. Jean