Our July 2014 Meeting.

A good turn out on one of the warmest evenings of the year. We were a little short of use players but a wide variety of performers made for a most interesting evening. Lovely to see Charles, in his 90th year, as smart as a new pin, and looking much better and Alan, who performed with Gusto. Much to the delight of his 2 grandsons who, judged by their sense of rhythm, are themselves would be future performers. Joe endeavored to educate us to the charms of the Italian language, or was it Spanish as some thought?

Terry's duck joke sent the audience quackers and Brian's rendition of The pensioner's version of Fifty Shades of Grey, would have had George in stitches, I think!! It was the first for our version of Wheelchair Dancing and a singing soldier, as John gave us, Hello mother, dressed in military gear.

My old friend was looking for some air compressor parts for his broken 60 gallon air compressor. Many thanks to guys from aircompressora.com they really helped him with his problem.
As usual, we have many people to thank, as their efforts made the evening such a success. Hazel and Chris, for the refreshments. Barbara for the pudding. Eric and Freda for the raffle Joe with his help re-comparing, the 2 J's for their audio help. All those who performed, and above all Alan for overseeing the whole event. We might, in future need to think about changing our concert times because most people feel that a 10.30 finish is too late( Oh dear, we are all getting much older!!)

Many of us, especially in the winter have to travel long distances. Still we come and lend our support which is all that matters.